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Tumbling Media

          Tumbling Media
 Cleaning Your Brass Will Help Reduce Wear And Tear On Your Expensive Reloading Dies,And The Chamber Of Your Firearm. Grit And Grime From Uncleaned Brass Gets Embedded In The Inner Surfaces Of Sizing Dies, Scratching And Marring Every Case There After. The Same Grime Will Accelerate Wear In The Chamber And Feeding System Of Your Rifle Or Handgun.

  Customers Are Reporting As Much As A 40% Decrease In The Time It Takes To Polish There Brass Using Brass Worlds Pretreated Media Blends.

  It Is Important To Use The Proper Size Polishing Media To Achieve Maximum Performance. With So Many Manufactures Offering No More Than Corn Dust In A Bag,Or Worse Yet Used Blasting Media, Brass World Has Decided To Offer High Grade Tumbling Media Blended In Just The Right Sizes,10/14-12/20 & 12/20-8/12

 (The Numbers ?) After media is ground it goes through a series of screens to separate the different size media. In the case of 10/14 the 10 designates that the media is going through a screen that has 100 holes per square inch (10x10=100) and the 14 designates the screen size per square inch (14x14=196) that the media rests on after going through the 10x10 size screen described above.
 In the case of 12/20 the 12 designates that the media is going through a screen that has 144 holes per square inch (12x12=144) and the 20 designates the screen size per square inch (20x20=400) that the media rests on after going through the 12x12 size screen described above.

  Brass Worlds Corn Cob polishing tumbling media Is Processed From The Hard Woody Outer Portion Of The Cob. It Is A Softer Grit Material Which Can Be Used To Polish Brass. It Is Hard But Still Maintains a Softness Making It A Ideal Tumbling Material. Corn Cob Media Preserves Micro-finishes, Quite Effectively Absorbs Dirt And oils And Can Dry Brass Without Marring Surfaces, Making It Very suitable for Polishing. It Is Biodegradable And Does Not Stick To Components,Corn Cob Grit Is A Clean Tumbling Media That Produces Next To Zero Dust. It Is Economical In Use As It Can Be Reused Several Times.


  Brass Worlds Eastern Black Walnut polishing tumbling Media Is A Hard Fibrous Material Used as a Soft Abrasive , It Is Widely Used To Polish & Clean Brass Cartridges With Out Scratching Or etching, It Is Non Toxic No Health Or Environmental Hazards. Reduces Cycle Time Of Finishing Operations. Crushed Walnut Shells Are Extremely Durable, Angular And Multi-Faceted, Yet Considered A 'Soft Abrasive,Best For Cleaning. And Can Be Reused Several Times

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