# 11 Percussion Cap Maker
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Sharp Shooter Percussion Cap Maker

               # 11 Percussion
                Cap Maker  

           Produces A # 11 Aluminum Cap

You can Now battle the cost and the shortages by making your own percussion caps from aluminum beverage cans And economical Prime-All. For 1¢ a piece.
This kit lets the self-reliant muzzleloader shooter easily and proficiently make their own No. 11 percussion caps.
Easy and fun to do... Comes with complete instructions.  All that is needed is an empty dry aluminum beverage cans, Use economical Prime-All Repriming Compound as your priming compound, And make your #11 percussion cap for 1¢ a piece.

Using Scissors or a pocket knife remove the top and bottom from an undamaged aluminum beverage can.(The can must be aluminum.Check with a magnet if you are unsure Alum don't stick.)
Cut the can down the middle and run it over a table edge to flatten it into a sheet. Clean both sides to remove residue and cut it into strips approximately 3/4" wide.

Insert the aluminum strip in the feeding slot of the #11 Percussion Cap Maker body with the unpainted side up.

 Insert the punch carefully into the guide hole of the
percussion cap maker . Place it on a solid base and tap the punch downward with a plastic hammer or soft mallet. Use light taps to begin with until you get the feel required. Be sure to hold the strip squarely against the back of the slot to produce a good cap

Extract the punch and invert it 
the finished aluminum cap will fall from the exit passage.(Caution-The punch must be handled with care,Damaged cutting edges will greatly reduce cap quality.)
Reposition the aluminum strip for each successive cap. Avoid cutting into a previously cut hole. After repeated use,paint,aluminum or other residue may collect in the punch teeth and should be brushed out.

                         Charging Your Cap
                 The best way is with Prime-All
Call us at 607-821-2108 for Prime-All Orders

1.Mix Prime-All per instructions.
(Prime-All purchase separately )
2.Fill #11 cap flush with Prime-All.
3.Place 1 drop of acetone on top of Prime-All
(Acetone is available at paint stores and Walmart USA wide.)
4.Let dry for 24 Hours.
5.You are ready to shoot.

You Can Also Use A Punched Charge Using Toy Caps
With a 3/16"Hole punch,Punch out a charge disk from quality toy roll caps (we have found German made caps are best) Center the dot carefully in the punch hole or the punch may detonate the charge,Moisten a 1/8' diameter wooden dowel to pick up and insert the punched charge in the aluminum cap.Be sure charges lie flat in the aluminum caps. This is very important ,as wrinkled charges may cause hangfires. Use three discs to prime each percussion cap. One to two disk may be sufficient for your gun. The percussion caps are now ready for use. As with all percussion caps,. Keep the nipple hole of your firearm clean.
Now there's a way to save money !

Making # 11 percussion Caps is easy

Always wear eye protection.
Always wear gloves.
Use caution when cutting and handling aluminum cans they can be very sharp.
The punch must be handled with care.
Damage cutting edges will greatly reduce cap quality.
Do Not Slam On Punch Nipple.

(Prime-All Not included call us at 607-821-2108 to purchase Prime-All

  Restocking next year $44.95

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