Berdan Military case Reloader
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Sharp Shooter Berdan Military Case Reloader(Foreign & Domestic)

Sharp Shooter Berdan Military Case Reloader
                  Foreign & Domestic 
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No more throwing away those pesky Berdan Primed brass

We all know the price of imported Berdan primed ammunition makes it very attractive, at least from and initial purchase point of view. But Berdan primed cases mixed in with your Boxer primed brass Has always made for some miserable experiences in reloading.

That is why we offer these kits for use with all major manufacture dies Lyman.Lee,Rcbs,Hornady,Redding (comes with directions and extra bit)

Built by gun enthusiasts for gun enthusiasts, Sharpshooter now proudly offers a complete new system to reload Berdan/military cases using your current reloading press and dies.

This system is die specific INSTEAD of caliber specific! Thus, ALL calibers can be re-primed with the purchase of a single system.

Made for ALL major brand dies including: Redding/Hornady, Lee, Lyman, and RCBS.

This is the FIRST complete system for turning a Berdan primed case into a Boxer primed case. Using our system requires one additional step the FIRST time you reload. Subsequent reloads are performed in the normal manner without the additional step.

For seconds of your time and a few pennies for some sleevesYou can take steel, or brass (military and/or antique cases) and reload them with our system. In american we have two sizes of  primers a small riffle and large riffle, With Berdan cases there are four sizes , A regular small (no sleeve needed) and a Large small Plus a large and extra large (Sleeve needed), When you get to those other bigger of the two the larger of the large and the larger of the small they are way to big and a primer will flop all over in there.,

  That is were the press fit aluminum sleeves come in .The sleeve inserts will be turned on a Swiss screw machine for exact sizes (outer of the Berdan and inner of a Boxer size),The sleeve will let you re-prime the extra large primer pocket cases precisely with a Boxer primer. This is press fit into the case and will last for the life of the case. By using cases that were once considered scrap, you will save money by reloading with This new system. Press fit a sleeve in and put a boxer primer in, and you can now reload the case as many times and just like you normally would. No more throwing away those Berdan primed cases.

The regular size primer pockets will reload like normal and will not require a sleeve.

By using cases that were once considered scrap, you will save money by reloading with This new system.

What is bedan primed cases ?
Shown above berdan primer, Is currently the European standard.

In a Berdan primer the mixture is contained in a simple cup. The anvil is a part of the primer pocket of the case, and is centrally located in the pocket. This necessitates two flasholes off center, Instead of the one flashhole in Boxer.

With Boxer primed brass , the primer is self contained in that the anvil is a separate piece, placed in the cup above the mixture. The primer pocket has no anvil, and has a centrally located single flash hole about twice the size of the off center holes in the Berdan primed stuff.

Both systems work well, and though each has its advantages , I don't think there is any advantage to either in terms of results.

However in terms of reloading ease the Boxer system has won hands down. It is now possible to reload berdan primed ammunition with these new kits, But until now it was much more problematic than Boxer stuff.

Decapping is the first obstacle, the two hole system means that out Boxer system central decapping pin is useless. Various methods have been used  hydraulic, and piercing the cup from the base, etc. But all these methods were much slower than decapping Boxer primed ammo.

Until now basically, Berdan primed ammunition was only fine for one use. Then you had to sell the brass for scrap and buy new.

Revive and finely put to good use those hard to find calibers 
1.Just unscrew the original depriming punch and screw in the milatary case reloader.
2. Screw the resizing die into your loading press and adjust as normal.
3.Put your shell holder in place.
4. Put a fired lubricated case (use 1/3 more lube than normal) in the shell holder and size as normal, But leave the case in the die with the ram all the way up.
5. Adjust the drill bit stop(approximately 1/8 inch above as starting point) so that the bit will drill through the bottom of the case but not through the primer cap.
6. Using an electric hand drill, Drill out the bottom of the case.
7. After cases are drilled, Add the depriming punch back into the die and proceed to Deprime as Normal.

1. Never attempt to deprime live primer.
2. Be sure to check the primer pocket for any signs of metal filings or metal protruding from the flash hole into the primer pocket,If there is, remove them with a small pick or other device.
3. Because the priming pocket of foreign cases vary in diameter you may have to ream the primer pocket deeper. Also you can add clear fingernail polish or primer sealer to seal in primers.

Lee, RCBS, And Hornady Kits Temporarily Out Of Stock.
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Lyman Berdan Milatary Case Reloader
Lyman Sharp Shooter Berdan Military Case Reloader Kit
Today's Store Price: $15.00
Today's Internet Special: $14.50
Lyman Sharp Shooter Berdan Military Case Reloader Kit
Turns Those Berdan Primed Cases into usable Brass For Lyman Dies
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