Sharpshooter .22 Rimfire reloading kits (.22 LR/22 Mag reloader)
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Sharp Shooter .22 Rimfire reloading kits (.22 LR/ 22 Mag reloader)

 .22 Rimfire Reloading Tool Kits

     Prime              Measure         Cast             Crimp    
  22 lr reloader primer tool  22 lr reloader bullet crimping tool
  Economical     Survival tool     Resize       Make Compound
  22 lr reloader economical 
  PRIME -ALL Now Available.!
  The Sharpshooter 22 Long Rifle and the 22 Mag Reloading tool is extremely
 light and compact It is made to last generations , The 22 Long rifle/22 Mag
 Kit for the ultimate in preparedness.

 These kits are a must have if you are serious about your bug out and survival gear.
  22 LR Kit     22 Mag Kit

 If you are looking for a affordable option for bulk 22 Lr or 22 mag
 at a reasonable price -$8 to $15 dollars per a brick, This is the loader
 for you.
An option for shooters who are tired of waiting for ammo
 to show up on store shelves

 Whether you simply looking for a way to beat inflation ,supply and
 demand,Or for Enhancing your survival capabilities in a emergency,
 The 22 Rimfire Reloader Kits are  your Answer. 

 A kit put together so you don't have to deal with overpaying for .22s
 or end up waiting at a store that opens 8 at  and is sold out by  8:15 

Top Ten Best Award With Gun Blue Book

 The history of 22 rimfires started back in 1845, It was called
 22BB.We have come a  long way since the. The modern 22 LR
 has increased Velocity,rang and power,The 22 LR is the most
 popular and most used round in the world,It is also the most
 versatile The biggest drawback to the 22LR is that it is a rimfire
 cartridge.This means that the primer is built into the cartridge ,And
 the compound is spun into the rim which creates a enclosed primer.
 When the fire pin strikes the rim.It ignites the primer compound,

 When you bring up reloading 22LR ,22 Mag or any other kind of Rimfire,
 You will get a million Reasons why you can not reload them,Or
 why it's not economical .But history has shown that 1) it can be
 done,And 2) In times of ammunition shortage or in times of self
 reliance situations ,Humankind has made it work so that it is
 economical .

 Siberian trappers that live in the bush most of there lives and are
 limited by law that they are only allowed 300 rounds of ammunition
 have been using 22 reloading kits since the 1900's in America,

 During the depression,When money was tight and then there was a
 ammunition shortage due to WW11,We used these kits during and
 following the great depression.In those days people for the most part
 did not have a  on of guns and the few they had,They had to make it
 work no matter what.So a 22 reloader kit was a very useful tool,This
 knowledge was all lost over the years once we could all go buy
 bricks of 22LR or 22 Mag for $10 to $20 dollars.(A thing of the past)

Reasons why they mistakenly said it can not be done?
 1)Repriming takes very sensitive priming compound, Some of the
 original 22 LR kits produced came with compound and some did
 not, we will show you in this pamphlet how to make your own and
 how it is readily available.
 2) Getting the old primer ding out.
 (This is a option that actually don't need to be done at all ! )
 Some of the old kits came with a tiny punch used to knock out the
 primer ding.
 3) Molding a bullet that is heeled.The 22 LR has a heeled bullet,If
 you look at the 22LR the brass is the same size as the bullet,The
 base of the bullet is smaller.This is the heel of the bullet(You can not
 buy a commercial 22 caliber mold and use that bullet in a 22 LR)
 4)Crimping the very top of the brass and having a tool to do so.
 With this kit we have all that covered

                                Design Details                                  

 Bullet Molds


  Bullet molds are very intricate objects Sharpshooter has put a lot of
and development into ever aspect of the mold to the steel spur
  cutter that cuts the base of the bullet the only heeled .22 Lr
  caliber bullet mold on the market, Essential for good .22 ammo.

  The 22 long bullet has a smaller diameter at it's base called a heel
  a must for 22 LR's
  The lube groove allows you to properly lube the bullets as they pass
  down the rifling

   Finely the 22 LR tool includes two bullet molds, The first is a 25 gr.solid
  point bullet which is designed and tested to create a Hyper Velocity
  22 LR(1720 F.P.S) and a bullet that in a tough pinch could be loaded
  without powder(using a match in place of powder) and still create
  enough F.P.E needed to acquire small game.
  The second bullet mold in 22 LR is designed and tested and tested to produced
  A 38 gr.round nose bullet. This not only gives you a subsonic 22LR.
  But also a high velocity 22LR proving you can have the best of all worlds
  Crimping Tool
  All cartridges must be crimped so that not only the cartridge is sealed
  from the elements,But has the proper back pressure to function correctly.
  The critical crimping function is built into the 22LR reloading tool and
  easy to use.When the rim of the case is placed flat against the edge of
  the 22LR reloading tool (inside the crimping part)And slowly shut,It will
  crimp the top of the case with precision. Giving you a perfectly
  reloaded 22LR that is ready to fire.
  Rim Cleaner And Primer Packer
  The Rim cleaner and primer packer was designed specifically for
   reloading 22LR or 22 Mag
   It performs two important task.
  1)The hook end of the tool allows you to clean the old primer
      compound out of the case
  2)The opposite end, shaped into a square,Allows you to pack the
      case with new primer compound .
  Eye Dropper
  A glass eye dropper is included in the 22LR reloading kit this will
  allow you
to know the precise amount of liquid to add to your
(Acetone is available at paint stores and Walmart USA wide.)
  Double Powder Dipper
  The double powder dippers were designed specifically for reloading 22LR or 22 Mag
  Through vigorous testing sharpshooter has determined that these dipper
  sizes provide the optimal option for reloading 22LR.or 22 Mag
  By having both sizes you can readily customize loads for the tiny amount of
  powder needs.
  Powder/Primer Compound Funnel
  This tiny funnel provided in the 22LR reloading kit is not essential,But is
  Defiantly convenient when reloading.The tiny funnel fits inside the neck
  of the 22LR,So that you can put the primer compound or the powder easily 
  into the small cartridge.The funnel makes reloading a 22LR fast and easy.
  Complete instructions included

    And last but not least.They have put the 21 century 22LR and the 22 Mag
  reloading kit together in a all in one tool,And a illustrated step by step guide
  to show you how to use the the 22Lr reloading tool correctly,And shows you
  were to find easily accessible"common man" components and how to use them
  to reload your 22Lr Or 22 Mag during times of ammunition shortages self -reliance
  situations,And/Or restrictions to make sure you never run out of 22LR or 22 Mag

If one of the following things ever happen,You will be really Glad
   you own a Sharpshooter 22 Mag or 22 Long Rifle Reloader Kit.

  1) "Zombies escape our TV and movie boxes and start chowing down on what far
  and few brains that are left in the world.

  2) Fires break out in the Iphone and Xbox factories all at once,Plunging humanity
  into Global rioting

  3) Iguana Rain

  4) Huge Mentos and Coca Cola 100 Truck pile up collide on the interstate

  5) Dinosaurs come back with guns

  Haha Hey statistically, One of these these things is bound to happen hey, It is only
  a matter of time. In my way of thinking 22LR will be the new basis currency,
  In bad times, Not to mention the primary means of squirrel shopping

  The Sharpshooter 22 lr and 22 Mag Reloader kits fills the need in such situations by
  providing the right tools and the proper instruction to ensure that you are
  never caught without access to ammo.

  On a more serious note
  It's no secret that changes in laws, challenges to 2nd Amendment
  rights,and the political climate have heightened concerns
  over future access to ammunition.

  The current ammo shortage, particularly with 22lr ammo, is disturbing
   to say the least.

  However, you can be prepared and still have your own ammo with this kit.

  The reloader kit includes a finely machined tool to cast,cut, and crimp your
  22lr and 22 Mag ammo Additional tools include the primer cleaner and packer,primer
  funnel,measuring tool, and eyedropper.
   In addition to the tools, The detailed instruction pamphlet is included
  with the kit.This booklet outlines the reloading process step by step So You
  can confidently and conveniently reload your 22LR or 22 Mag ammo from start to finish,

  This kit has been designed to perform.
  Get yours today and see for yourself !
                                       Made in America
Kit/instructions   Clean        Measure      
Cast /Crimp     Fired
  When choosing factory ammo 22LRs,Velocities range from 500 F.P.S

  (powderless pistol use only)
  To hyper velocity 22s that can get up to 1750 F.P.S

  22LRs are generally broken down into four categories.
  1)Subsonic up to 1080 F.P.S.
  2)Slandered velocity 1125 to 1199 per second
  3)High velocity 22LKR at least 1200 to 1399 F.P.S
  4)And the new hyper velocity 22LR at least 1400 F.P.S.

  The 22LR reloading kit is designed and tested to cover all the bases.
  The 25 gr.solid point bullet gives the reloader options from 550 F.P.S.
  to 1720 F.P.S.
  And the 38 gr. round nose bullet  covers the velocity range from 1100
  F.P.S. to 1363 F.P.S. This flexibility give you a wide range of options
  to best suite your reloading needs.

  Sharp Shooter Prime-All Out Of Stock Until End of August
 Call us to purchase When In Stock $17.98 607-821-2108
  • Primes any case anywhere
  • No more need for strike anywhere matches or kids snap caps
  • Primes approximately 2000 Rounds

  • Not volatile until mixed can be shipped no hazmat fee.
  (Sharp Shooter Prime-All is Not Included in the 22 Reloading kits,
  Purchase Prime-All  $17.98 by calling us at 607-821-2108 )

   Four part compound with complete instructions included,

  Mix together in small batches to make primer anywhere

  Using the Sharp shooter Prime-All  is the easiest and most reliable method, but
  you can make priming compound out of every day stuff to.
 Although Sharp Shooter Prime-All is the easiest and most efficient,
 There Is No Need To Purchase Powder Or Prime-all !
 Watch Video Bellow To Find Out How.

  When the world as we know it ends,And the zombies rule haha,You won't
  be able to mail order the priming kit anyway, So you will need to find a way
  to improvise .Fortunately you can make priming compound at home using
  some inconventioal supplies like caps,strike anywhere match heads and
  the contents of those little poppers you throw on the ground.

 22 LR Reloader Kit Intro
  Watch a demo showing the components of the 22Lr reloading kit and see how you can reload your own 22LR and save

  Reload your 22 ammo with strike anywhere matches ?
  Absolutely ! Watch this video to see how you can procure ammunition using
  inexpensive And available resources in a emergency situation . 
  If you want to be really resourceful you can retrieve priming material from toy caps

  And last Video Reloading 22LR it is Economical
  As with any DIY project there are some learning's. Be sure to clean the cases
  first.especially the interior rim area.Be equally sure to let your priming compound
  dry Completely before loading powder and crimping bullet.

  Check your brass to make sure it will fit your chamber brass fire formed
  in your gun will be fine.

  You will need  the resizing die we sell that will solve the problem ,If you
  plan on getting
fancy and making use of all your brass pick ups and or
  buying our 22 Lr or 22 Mag brass.

   Resizing Dies for 22LR,22Long,And 22 Short Reloads
  And for 22 Mag Reloading

   The resizing die is not necessary for the kit use,
    It is a accessory that aids in shooting 22 ammo reloads in multiple rifles.
   (Such as purchasing our 22 LR or 22 Mag reloading brass)
   We sell two dies one  for 22LR,22Long and 22 Short ammunition And one for 22 Mag
   Both come with a shell plate And fits all major manufactures reloading presses

   22 Lr Die  22 Mag Die        We Sell 22 LR Brass

Isotope lead Sold In 1 Lb. Ingots (When In stock )
The Isotope alloy is a soft Lead that is similar to wheel weight lead, but much cleaner. This lead is not mixed with other alloys, and great care is taken to ensure that the lead you purchase will be clean, consistent, and ready to use. Perfect for casting bullets with the 22 Long rifle reloading kit or fishing lures/sinkers.

  Coming in 2018- Gas Check Maker, 17 HMR, 17 Marc 2 And 17 WSM Reloading Kits.

Kits Are Out Of Stock.

Restocking Kits And Dies next year 22LR Kit $64.95 And 22 Mag Kit $74.95


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