Once Fired Brass Reloading Cartridge Cases
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Once Fired Brass Reloading Cartridge Cases

This is empty once fired brass,We list our reloading brass in many calibers daily. So site is always changing. We list all Nickel once fired brass separately and title accordingly. When we have once fired brass shipments in stock I ask for your patience as I sort the drums of once fired brass by caliber and manufacture. (Packaged in a resealable clear window gusseted poly 100 Count bags Unless Noted Otherwise.)(We do not list out of stock items. Brass will show only when in stock.)
Sorry No ammunition,No live primers,No bullets,and No propellant/ powder.

DID YOU KNOW ?... Hand loaded ammo consistently

out preforms factory manufactured rounds !!

Why Reload Brass?

If you would have asked me that 40 Years Ago, I would have replied,
"It's cheaper than factory ammo."

If you would have asked me that 30 Years Ago, I would have replied,
"It's faster than factory ammo."

If you would have asked me that 20 Years Ago, I would have replied,
"It's more accurate than factory ammo."

If you would have asked me that 10 Years Ago, I would have replied,
"It's more reliable than factory ammo."

If you would ask me now , I would reply,
"Not only all the above, But It's just a lot of fun!

There are numerous possible reasons why shooters reload brass vs buying bullets. These reasons vary according to the needs of the shooters and their expectations of what they can achieve through reloading there own brass.

Why hunters and marksmen prefer to reload there brass

Reloading Brass to save money,

Once the reloader has purchased the necessary reloading equipment, reloading once fired Brass becomes a very cost-effective way to shoot. In general, You could expect a saving of up to 50% . Although the exact saving will depend on the caliber you chose to reload. Please take note of the fact that a fired cartridge case can be reused several times (up to 15 times, depending on the caliber,Manufacture,load and type of firearm used), the cost effectiveness of reloading Brass is even further increased.

Reload Brass for increased accuracy

Ammunition purchased from any factory produced supplier would be hard pressed to deliver anywhere near the same levels of precision and accuracy that can successfully be achieved by careful reloading Brass . That being said, it is common practice for shooters involved in bench rest shooting to demand and only use reloaded bullets. This is due to the fact that we all know this form of shooting requires extreme accuracy, and depends greatly on achieving groupings too tight to ever be obtained by factory loaded ammunition. I think we would all agree Accuracy in hunting is also required, particularly for hunting small varmint or reaching game over a long ranges. Reloading Brass allows the hunter to shoot to kill and achieve long range hits in a more reliable manner.

Reload Brass for consistency

Trust that any shooter who aims to consistently shoot within a smallgrouping (2 inches or less),would much rather make use of reloaded Brass than factory bought ammunition. This is due to the fact that factory ammunition has repeatedly shown to be ineffective at shooting a tight grouping consistently.

Audio Checked
  Although there are some good ones out there so many business's these days just have a dump dirty damaged brass in box and sell attitude !
 We not only sort each piece of once fired brass by manufacture head stamps one by one by hand giving a visual check for for small primer or crimp cases and berdan primed, Non loadable or cracked cases, But also with over 30 years of experience this lets me do a even more accurate audio crack check of my brass to further insure the brass you get from Brass World will be fully loadable. Yes this takes many long hours but we care about our customers and are willing to do the extra work to make sure you have the upmost satisfaction and to earn your trust for years to come.

Brass World will not charge more than $8.50 shipping , Mix or match Brass calibers or products, Shipping will always be the same.
Once Fired Brass=   Brass should start rolling in again end of next week.First in the line up will be 30 Carbine,223 Rm.And 9mm. Riffle brass is a little scarce at the moment.  There is always surprise calibers that show up from time to time. Please accept my apology for the low stock do to high demand and slow shipment arrivals . Many calibers will be listing as shipments arrive.  I will keep you posted here with updates.Thank you for your understanding.  We do get most calibers through out the year, We try to list daily.  Many calibers will start showing only after I list them.. We do not show out of stock brass. Thank you very much for your patience and support . And please have fun shopping.
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22LR (Long Rifle )Rimfire reloading cartridge cases
22 Long Rifle (22LR) rimfire Brass once fired brass reloading cartridge cases, Pin polished (200 Ct Bag.)
Today's Store Price: $4.00
Today's Internet Special: $3.50
22 Long Rifle (22LR) rimfire Brass once fired brass reloading cartridge cases, Pin polished (200 Ct Bag.)
For Use With 22 Long Rifle Reloading Kit, Making crafts,Jewelry,Making Bullet Jackets.And many more DIY projects. Pin Polished
on sale


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