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"Norma's brass is not only good, it's exceptional."* *Quote from an American ammunition producer.


Norma products are known worldwide for high quality. Cartridge cases are an important factor in this reputation. Superior quality ensures a long life  and many reloads. Norma cases are made of the best possible raw materials with the narrowest tolerances, and they deliver accuracy round after round.


Case neck is annealed .Annealing makes the brass softer around the neck, which can greatly extends the life of the brass.Think of a wire hanger … if you bend it back and forth enough times it will break. Brass is the same way, in that the more you “work it” (like bending the hanger), the sooner it will break. The annealing process essentially softens the brass in the area that you will work it the most, around the shoulder and the neck.  This is also prevents gas leaks and enables the case to hold the bullet firmly for at least 10 years without cracking as a result of aging material.

Further down on the case body, the hardness increases to avoid unnecessary stretching. If it is too hard, it would bring the risk of cracks.

Furthest down, around the primer pocket, the brass should be firm. Here, the hardness is nearly twice that of around the neck.

The structure of the material reveals the hardness. During processing the large, soft grains are broken down into smaller ones, which makes for a harder material. At the annealing, small grains become bigger and the hardness decreases.

They Also drill the flashholes on their brass instead of punching them.  Almost all other brass manufacturers punch their flashholes, which can cause inconsistency and require that you debur the flash hole.

In a moment of insight, a former Norma production manager once stated:

“a circuit board is a very complex product, which is easy to make, and a cartridge of ammunition is a simple product, which is difficult to produce.”

Nothing could be more true. A cartridge is put together using many variables, and they have to be tuned to perfection for each batch and each production run.


It takes skill and experience to do this, as much as it takes superb engineering to keep the machines holding tolerances of thousandths of a millimeter, day in and day out. First class employees, tradition and solid know-how – these are what make the cartridges produced in Åmotfors number one in quality and what make Norma one of the greatest names in the trade.

Quality is constantly monitored and rejects collected, are the basis for continuous improvement.

Cartridge case

The most important factor in the case production is quality control.  From start to finished case, there are continuous inspections, 15-20 measurements in total,  depending on the case. Of finished cases, five of each 300 cases are taken out for inspection. In addition to this, a final inspection is made where the cases are put through a measuring device and visually inspected.

Brass World would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your support of Us, Norma products.Reloading and the Shooting sports.

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