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Imperial Lubricants

Made In The USA

imperialwaxesImperial Sizing Die Wax is the most recognized product of the line. Because of its superior performance and ease of application and cleanup, this product has been a favorite of knowledgeable reloaders for years. Redding is committed to maintaining the integrity of this product by producing
it to the exact formulation that made it so popular.

Imperial Dry Neck Lube is the perfect lube for those who neck size. This product can be used inside and outside the case neck, reducing the drag on both the die and size button without concern about powder contamination


impdrynecklube Imperial
Dry Neck
to reduce drag 
Imperial Dry Neck Lube For use inside and outside the case neck is graphite based powder and is designed to reduce the drag and chatter on both the die and size button  of the cartridge case neck within the sizing die without concern of powder contamination. and allows for easier passage of the expander button through the case neck.
Imperial Dry Neck Lube 1 oz. container
(Will not contaminate powder) 

Imperial Application Media app_media

The easy way to apply dry neck lube to case necks.  Simply dip the cartridge case neck into the ceramic media. The media consists of high density ceramic spheres that are pre- charged with Imperial Dry Neck Lube. Can be used with all cartridge cases including 17 cal.

(Will not contaminate powder)

Convenience-Pak With
Application Media

The Imperial Dry Neck Lube Convenience Pak provides an easier convenient way to purchase pre-charged application media along with the recharging lubricant for replenishment in one handy container. The included Application Media may be used for an indefinite time period with dry lubricant recharging every 400-500 cases. The Application Media charged with Imperial Dry Neck Lubricant is a highly effective dry blend that will lube the inside and outside of case necks at the same time. This saves time and ensures even distribution.
(Will not contaminate powder) .

imperialdiewaxImperial Sizing Die Wax
Imperial Sizing Die wax is the original non-liquid sizing die lube. One 2 oz tin will full length resize several thousand cases. Makes forming of cases easier with less chance of dented shoulders. Imperial wax produces the results you desire without the mess. For use inside and outside the case neck to reduce drag on both the die and size button without concern of powder
Use a paper towel or finger to apply and remove

 Packaged in 1 oz. or 2 oz container.

Imperial Sizing Die Wax - 1 oz.   
Imperial Sizing Die Wax - 2 oz. 

Redding Brand
Imperial Sizing Die Wax

The original non-liquid sizing die lube is now available from Redding. True to the original LeClear product of the 70’s – green in color.

Packaged in 1oz. ti


Case Lube Pad With rubber Non slip feet     
                                                                         The Redding Case Lube Pad is great for lubricating both rifle and pistol cases. Just put case lube (sold separately) on the pad and roll empty cases across the pad to get an even application. The storage container for the pad has rubber non-skid feet so the pad will not skate all over the reloading bench.                                                                              
Green Case Lube
Sold  Separately


mperial Bio-Green                             
Case Lube

Our best formulation ever !
Imperial Bio-Green Case Lube is a plant based, bio-degradable lubricant petroleum free,super duty case forming and resizing lubricant.

Made from biodegradable plant materials.
that offers a highly effective, totally renewable substitute to traditional petroleum based case lubricants.

It may be used on any pad type applicator to provide superior lubrication. Bio-green is a perfect case lube for use with ultrasonic cleaners and
pin polishing as it offers easy water cleanup and will not stain your brass. 



Imperial Screw Thread Wax a proprietary formulation originally developed as a "Stay-Put" wax lubricant for use in our manufacturing process, This Imperial Screw Thread wax product has now been made commercially available. Unlike grease or oils, wax lubricants stay in place sealing out dirt moisture and other contaminants to better prevent galling,fretting and corrosion. The uses for a lubricant like this are boundless. On the reloading bench there are many uses,

Greatly reduces friction on screw threads and wear surfaces.

It works on die threads, internal and external, as a ram lubricant or on any shaft or linkage where high lubricity and low transitory properties are important to keep the work area c

There are numerous uses in general firearms maintenance; it makes a perfect choke tube thread lube and seal, provides excellent wear resistance in the joint pins of break action guns. It can lubricate bolt ways and slide rails as well as act as a rust preventative for storage when pulled through a bore on a mop. The key is Imperial Screw Thread Wax stays where it is needed


Tech Line & Tips (FAQs)

Lubricating Cases

Understanding the purpose of Case Lubricant, and how it should be implemented in the reloading process, is essential for a Handloader to be successful. When used correctly, a high-quality Case Lube will prevent a host of frustrating problems and make the endeavor much easier and more enjoyable. High-quality Case Lubricants, such as Imperial Sizing Die Wax, are formulated with EP (Extreme Pressure) additives. These additives are necessary to create and maintain a sufficient barrier between the cartridge case and the Reloading Die during the compression and stress generated by the resizing process. Because EP agents are not present in ordinary oils and greases, they are not suitable for cartridge case resizing. Use of improper lubricants will result in a multitude of problems, some of which include: stuck cases, scratched cases, difficulty resizing, etc.

It is preferable that Case Lubricant is applied by hand, one case at a time. This method provides both the opportunity for thorough lube application, but also the opportunity to individually inspect each cartridge case for defects or flaws. Due to its thickness, a tremendous amount of pressure is generated at the head / web of a cartridge case during the resizing process. By comparison, the shoulder and neck are relatively thin and require less effort to resize. As you may have deduced, Case Lubricant should be applied more generously at the web than other areas of the case (see image #7 below). If the web is insufficiently lubricated, the case will become stuck in the Die. Handloaders using spray-on case lubricants need to be particularly mindful of this, especially if a loading block covers the web of the cartridge cases during application (be sure that the web is exposed, See image #6 below). If using spray-on lubricants, please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to application methods and adhesion time.

legend6-4site legend7-4site

Please note that the inside of the case neck should be cleaned with a nylon or brass bristle brush before lubrication is applied; a few quick passes is sufficient (see image #8 below this paragraph). Cases should then be wiped free of dirt or debris

Though often neglected, the neck of the cartridge case should be lubricated. For this task, we recommend using Imperial Dry Neck Lube. The easiest way to apply dry neck lube is simply to dip the cartridge case neck into Imperial Application Media. The media consists of high density ceramic spheres (spheres approximate the size of #9 lead shot) that are pre-charged with Imperial Dry Neck Lube. This method allows the Handloader to lubricate both the inside and outside of the case neck simultaneously.

To apply Case Lubricant, please follow the procedure below. Please note that the steps that follow will prepare a cartridge case to be Full Length Resized. If Neck Sizing only, please skip ahead to step #6.

1) Work some Imperial Sizing Die Wax between the tip of your forefinger and thumb.



2) When sufficiently coated, use your index finger and thumb to hold the base of the cartridge case.


3) Use your free hand to grip the case’s neck and rotate it so that lubrication transfers to the cartridge case.


4) When the web area has been completely coated, slowly move toward the shoulder or case mouth, applying an even coating of case lubricant along the way. If resizing a bottleneck cartridge case, stop at the shoulder/body junction. If lubricant finds its way to the shoulder, simply wipe it away with a clean finger to avoid dents.


5) Should the lubricant become sparse, replenish by repeating step #1.

6) If resizing a bottleneck cartridge case, we recommend dipping the case neck into Imperial Application Media to lubricate the inside and outside of the case neck with dry neck lube (images 5 & 5B below).

legend5-4site legend5b-4site

Imperial Sizing Die Wax needn’t be heavily applied to be effective. However, it is advisable to apply lubricant more liberally on the first few cases to be resized. This will “season” the Die and help insure that cases do not become stuck. Experience will garner a feel for how much lubricant is sufficient. If the resizing process becomes increasingly difficult, this is a good indication that more case lubricant is necessary. If you encounter greater than average resistance when pulling the expander button through the case neck or if it produces an audible “squawk,” this indicates that you did not clean the case neck or that more dry neck lubricant is needed.
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