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45 Auto Small Primer Mixed Manufactures once fired brass reloading cartridge cases, Pin polished(100 CT.Bag)

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45 Auto Blazer Small Primer Once fired Brass
45 Auto Blazer Small Primer Once fired Brass 45 Auto Blazer Small Primer Once fired brass bag
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Manufacturer: Mixed Manufactures
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  45 Auto Mixed Manufactures Small Primer Once fired cartridge cases . Pin polished inside and out , Mixed Head stamps Reading 45  Auto Blazer And federal,  Packaged in a resealable clear window gusseted poly 100 pc.bag. (price per 100 ct.)

Last time we had a large primer shortage most were still able to get small primers. So that should serve to be a good heads up to keep small primer cases around in case there is another large primer shortage..!!!

The use of small pistol primers in .45 acp started (at least in this country) when the quest for primers without lead styphnate started several years ago. This was prompted by the increased use of indoor ranges and people concerned with lead poisoning. The quest is ongoing, by the way, It may not be long before all primers will be Non-Toxic, and not contain lead.

Anyway, the Non-Toxic (NT) priming compound, which is an explosive, just like lead styphnate, has a higher brisance than the lead styphnate compound. Brisance is the velocity of the explosive gases. The increased brisance made the primers back out of the primer pocket faster than lead styphnate primers, so they would expand outside the primer pocket before the burning powder inside the case had a chance to produce enough pressure to push the case back and reseat the primer. (this is what occurs when a cartridge is fired) This caused the excessive flattening of primers we have all seen and the brass primer cup would flow.

The first attempt to fix this problem was enlarging the flash hole to almost 1/8" in diameter. This was done by both Federal and Winchester. These cases will load just fine, by the way.

The second attempt at a fix was to add a heavy crimp to the primer pocket, after the primers were seated. This is similar to what's done on military ammunition intended for use in full automatic firearms, which keeps a primer from exiting the primer pocket and jamming up the works, usually at the worst possible time.

Neither of these fixes proved fully satisfactory, so the next iteration was the use of the small pistol primer. The volume of the .45 acp case doesn't really require a large primer anyway, but "we've always done it that way". The small pistol primers work just fine, and some reloaders have reported increased accuracy when using the small pistol primed cases. And the new small primers reduced the possibility of the ejector hitting a primer in the process of hand-ejecting a live round from a pistol.

You can reload the cases just like any other, just with using small primers. You don't need to worry about the flash hole size, as long as you're not using max loads.

  There are a few people that think the small primer brass doesn't work as well, There are still even more people that think the small primer brass works better! Has a more controlled burn ! And claim it is better for accuracy! .

You will find that most that say they dislike the small just don't like the pain of sorting them out from the large ,We take care of that for you. As a mix can mess the process up when using a expensive press

I always reload my brass without a press using one of the Lee loader hand tools we also sell, So to me it makes no difference which kind I'm using as each case gets a more visual inspection, Besides, for me personally I haven't found a press mounted priming setup that can prime cases as consistently as I can by hand. Nothing beats the feel of seating the primer right.

Here's what to do with small primer .45 Acp brass: collect and save them for the Zombie Apocalypse when only small pistol primers are available. Do not leave them on the ground after you shoot them. They are too valuable. Collect them all right away. Pass this on.

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