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Model #2400 Case Trimming Lathe






The most noteworthy feature of the Model #2400 Case Trimming Lathe is the new Micrometer which adds precision and repeatability to the case length adjustment. Changes as little as .001" can be easily "dialed in". 2400 trimmer 300

The innovative new push button chuck lock simplifies loading and unloading while facilitating perfect alignment of the case and pilot. The design of the new push button chuck lock, combined with the extended cast iron frame of the Model # 1400-XT increases case length capacity; accommodating not only the latest long action cartridges but old time classics as well.

24000 Model 2400 Case Trimming Lathe, Micrometer Adjustable 

Redding "case trimming lathes" are the only case trimmers on the market that turn the case and not the cutter. This feature guarantees a perfectly square case mouth with every cut.

Model 2400 features:

  • New micrometer…easy adjustments of .001".

  • Cast iron frame to maintain precision alignment.

  • New push button collet chuck is ideally suited for use with optional power adapter.

  • Handles 17 to 50 Cal, up to 3-1/4" case length.

  • Universal collet fits all popular cases – no others to buy.

  • TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated replaceable cutter.

  • Storage holes for pilots.

Supplied with:

  • Universal collet fits all popular cases.

  • TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated replaceable cutter.

  • Six pilots - .22 cal., 6mm, .25 cal., .270 cal., 7mm and .30 cal.

  • Two neck cleaning brushes (.22 thru .30 cal.)

  • Large and small primer pocket cleaners.






3/16” Shank Pilots may also be used on Hornady and Forster trimmers.

Universal Collet accepts all popular cases no others to buy!

New replaceable ( TiN) Titanium Nitride coated high speed cutters.

Optional Power Adapter with 1/4” hex for use with cordless screwdrivers. Works with both trimmers.
ITEM NO. #14025 $15.60


ITEM NO. 14040 TiN Cutter (17 & 20 caliber)*
ITEM NO. 14045 TiN Cutter & Shaft Complete .
ITEM NO. 14050 TiN Cutter (Standard) 

ITEM NO. 15XXX Pilots
ITEM NO. 99301 Special Collet for 470 Nitro
Refer to 
Die Caliber Reference Chart for pilot number.

Item No.14045 assembly fits only Model 14 & 1400 Trimmers. The Model 2400 micrometer will not fit any other Trimmer.
* Note: Our 17 and 20 caliber pilots have a 5/32” shank, therefore, our #14040 cutter will interchange with RCBS.

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