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Hello Welcome To Brass World.
Once Fired Brass For Sale, specialize in once fired brass And reloading Supplies.
(All rifle brass and pistol brass is boxer prime)No berdan Prime in Brass Worlds once fired brass.We try to List reloading brass daily,Also take a look at our new brass Pistol and Rifle brass! More reloading brass and reloading supplies arriving daily.
 This is empty once fired brass and new brass, We list our reloading brass in many calibers daily.So site is always changing..

Sorry No ammunition,No live primers,No bullets,and No propellant/ powder. All our once fired brass is sorted by head stamps. (Unless Noted Otherwise.)

Once Fired Brass & New Brass
Once Fired Brass & Supplies Available At Page Link Below-

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(Unfortunately orders outside the U.S.A. cannot be accepted ) Regretfully this also includes no sales to service members stationed in other country's)Absolutely no sales to other country's,You can not transfer out of USA, No sales to exporters, All brass must stay in the USA, No exceptions.We prefer Paypal But we also accept Credit cards on web site,  Checks & Money orders can be sent with no account info needed on site just choose that option and tell us when it will be sent checks must clear before package ships.

Why Reload Brass?

If you would have asked me that 40 Years Ago, I would have replied,
"It's cheaper than factory ammo."

If you would have asked me that 30 Years Ago, I would have replied,
"It's faster than factory ammo."

If you would have asked me that 20 Years Ago, I would have replied,
"It's more accurate than factory ammo."

If you would have asked me that 10 Years Ago, I would have replied,
"It's more reliable than factory ammo."

If you would ask me now , I would reply,
"Not only all the above, But It's just a lot of fun!

There are numerous possible reasons why shooters reload brass vs buying bullets. These reasons vary according to the needs of the shooters and their expectations of what they can achieve through reloading there own brass.

Why hunters and marksmen prefer to reload there brass

Reloading Brass to save money,

Once the reloader has purchased the necessary reloading equipment, reloading fired Brass becomes a very cost-effective way to shoot. In general, You could expect a saving of up to 50% . Although the exact saving will depend on the caliber you chose to reload. Please take note of the fact that a fired case can be reused several times (up to 15 times, depending on the caliber,Manufacture,load and type of firearm used), the cost effectiveness of reloading Brass is even further increased.

Reload Brass for increased accuracy

Ammunition purchased from any factory produced supplier would be hard pressed to deliver anywhere near the same levels of precision and accuracy that can successfully be achieved by careful reloading Brass . That being said, it is common practice for shooters involved in bench rest shooting to demand and only use reloaded bullets. This is due to the fact that we all know this form of shooting requires extreme accuracy, and depends greatly on achieving groupings too tight to ever be obtained by factory loaded ammunition. I think we would all agree Accuracy in hunting is also required, particularly for hunting small varmint or reaching game over a long ranges. Reloading Brass allows the hunter to shoot to kill and achieve long range hits in a more reliable manner. 

Reload Brass for consistencyTrust that any shooter who aims to consistently shoot within grouping (2 inches or less). Would much rateher make use of reloaded Brass than factory bought ammunition.This is due to the fact that factory ammunition has repeatedly shown to be ineffective at shooting a tight grouping consistently.

Why create a account ?

By creating a account you will receive automatic discounts when you place enough accumulated orders with us ,Giving you better pricing on all future orders when logged in there after. (As billing is automatic on site at time of sale, We have no way of giving these discounts unless you are signed in.)


Lee Loaders For Sale
Rare Calibers is now stocking Old Vintage Lee Loaders Many rare and hard to find Lee Classic Loaders for your Lee reloading New and Used Lee Loaders,You owe it to yourself to own one of these handy Lee hand press kits.GREAT SURVIVAL TOOL ! (Easy to pack back into Hunting Camp Fits in a pocket )Every thing You Need To Reload On The Go,Printable lee Loader Instructions,Watch Lee Loader Video Lee Loader Rare Vintage Riffle And Classic Lee Loader Pistol

22 LR And Mag Rimfire Reloading Kits

The Sharpshooter 22 Long Rifle Reloading tool is extremely
 light and compact It is made to last generations , The 22 Long rifle
 Kit is a must have survival tool.for the ultimate in preparedness.

 If you are looking for a affordable option for bulk 22 Lr at a
 reasonable price -$8 to $15 dollars per a brick, This is the loader
 for you.
 Whether you simply looking for a way to beat inflation ,supply and
 demand,Or for Enhancing your survival capabilities in a emergency,
 The 22 Rimfire Reloader Kit is your Answer.
 Find out more on or 22 LR Rimfire reloading Page    
Peel And Stick Adhesive Targets

Adhesive Shooting Targets

Thompson Target self-adhesive peel and stick shooting targets are made with ultra bright paper and convenient adhesive backing. Why bother with tape and clips when placing your target is as easy as peel and stick?

Easily see your sights and hits with a variety of colorful neon adhesive shooting targets for pistols and rifles. Also, convenient pasters available in a range of sizes provide multiple aim points and extend the life of your targets.

When Your Shooting For The Best
Targets Created by Shooters. For Shooters. 
See more on our peel and stick target page


Plastic Ammo Boxes For Sale.With Live Crimp Hinge

Made In The U.S.A


  FS brand plastic ammo boxes are a great way to store your loaded cartridges. The high impact plastic boxes won`t absorb moisture, chip, peel, expand or contract, built-in compartments support each cartridge separately from all the others in the box,Gusset reinforced corners increase durability. and they come in a variety of sizes

The live hinge on FS ammo boxes undergoes a crimping process while the hinge is still hot from molding. This crimping aligns the plastic molecules in the hinge, greatly extending hinge life. The live hinge employed on FS Reloading ammo boxes has been tested to 2 million cycles. Hinge flexibility has also been tested to 0 ºF.

FS Reloading small pistol ammo box foam insertUnlike other brands that force you to invent your own solution for cartridge rattle or purchase expensive foam sheets separately, FS Reloading Brand Ammo Boxes come with a custom cut lid liner pre-installed. FS exclusive, pre-cut foam lid liner (shown in the image at right), which is included at no extra charge, gently holds cartridges securely to prevent that annoying rattle so common in other plastic ammo boxes. And if you are concerned about bullet creep from cartridges repeatedly sliding up and down in the box, our foam lid liner will put your fears to rest.


Also at no extra cost Brass World Includes A self adhesive removable Reloader Label in every box.Stick it on the bottom,Stick it on the top,or don't stick it at all, Put it under the Lid liner and it will show through the translucent box.


When you compare features with other brands, We are certain you will find these ammo boxes a fantastic value.

Why settle for less?

# 11 Percussion
      Cap Maker  

Produces A # 11 Aluminum Cap

You can Now battle the cost and the shortages by making your own percussion caps from aluminum beverage cans And economical Prime-All. For 1¢ a piece. read more at link below.

Sharp Shooter Berdan Military Case Reloader

(Foreign & Domestic)

Built by gun enthusiasts for gun enthusiasts, Sharpshooter now proudly offers a complete new system to reload Berdan/military cases using your current reloading press and dies.

This system is die specific INSTEAD of caliber specific! Thus, ALL calibers can be re-primed with the purchase of a single system.

Made for ALL major brand dies including: Redding/Hornady, Lee, Lyman, and RCBS.

This is the FIRST complete system for turning a Berdan primed case into a Boxer primed case. Using our system requires one additional step the FIRST time you reload. Subsequent reloads are performed in the normal manner without the additional step.Read more at link bellow

Media Modifier
We have Brass World's Media Modifier tumbling media additive in stock.Both Media Modifier Polish and Media Modifier Stain Remover. Get That match grade finish on your once fired brass with this media additive.
Find out more on our Media Modifier page

MegaBoom Low Energy Decompression Explosion Targets
Bring Heightened enjoyment and "The Wow Factor" to Target shooting

Warning Audio output may exceed 150 decibels. Wear hearing & eye protection during pressurization and shooting. Stay 15 ft. clear of target
when shooting.

Why Is MegaBoom Targets So Load

The "BOOM" is caused by a supersonic rip in the plastic bottle.
MegaBOOM STS is a pressurizing device that allows you to pump air (you supply the air source – bicycle floor pump, compressor or dive tank) into ordinary, everyday, plastic soft drink or water bottles. The pressure inside the plastic bottle, when released by the impact of a projectile (arrow, bolt, bullet or pellet), causes the bottle to rip at a supersonic speed, resulting in a small sonic boom (up to 150 decibels) that can be heard up to three-quarters of a mile.
Designed to use 1- or 2-liter bottles. MegaBOOM STS is designed specifically to use common 1 or 2 Liter recyclable soda pop or water bottles. Just raid your recycling to get more targets. You can also buy a separate adapter for MegaBoom that allows you to use 500 ml water bottles (adapter sold separately).
Reloading equipment,Once fired brass & New brass at supplies.rifle brass.Many calibers available,Eshop

(Sorry U.S.A Orders Only!) No Combine Shipments, As Site Is Automatic Bill)

NOTE:Please make a category choice at upper left .(New brass,once fired brass, Media Modifier,Thompson Targets,MegaBOOM,22 Reloader Kit.)

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308 Win R.P.
308 Win Remington Once fired brass reloading cartrdge cases. Commercial brass No crimp(100 Ct.)
Today's Store Price: $18.50
Today's Internet Special: $18.00
308 Win Remington Once fired brass reloading cartrdge cases. Commercial brass No crimp(100 Ct.)
Once Fired Brass Remington & Winchester Pin Polished
on sale
45 Win
45 Auto Winchester once fired brass reloading cartridge cases, Pin polished. Large primer(100 CT.Bags)
Today's Store Price: $8.00
Today's Internet Special: $7.50
45 Auto Winchester once fired brass reloading cartridge cases, Pin polished. Large primer(100 CT.Bags)
Once Fired Brass Winchester Pin Polished
on sale
50 A&E Brass
50 A&E Once fired brass reloading cartridge cases mixed manufactures Pin polished(100 CT. BAG)
Today's Store Price: $31.00
Today's Internet Special: $30.50
50 A&E Once fired brass reloading cartridge cases mixed manufactures Pin polished(100 CT. BAG)
Once Fired Brass Mixed Manufactures Pin polished
on sale
223 Rem Wolf
223 Rem Wolf Gold once fired brass reloading cartridge cases.Crimp Primer Pin polished(100 Ct. Bags)
Today's Store Price: $7.30
Today's Internet Special: $6.80
223 Rem Wolf Gold once fired brass reloading cartridge cases.Crimp Primer Pin polished(100 Ct. Bags)
Once Fired Brass Wolf performance Pin Polished
on sale
22 Winchester Magnum reloader kit
Sharp Shooter 22 Winchester Magnum Rifle Reloader Kit (22WRF/22win)Reloader)
Today's Store Price: $75.95
Today's Internet Special: $74.95
Sharp Shooter 22 Winchester Magnum Rifle  Reloader Kit (22WRF/22win)Reloader)
22 Mag,(22WRF,22Win) Reloading Kit. 40gr. Round nose
on sale
7mm-08 Rem Winchester
7mm-08 Rem Winchester Once fired reloading cartridge cases (100 Ct. bags )
Today's Store Price: $41.50
Today's Internet Special: $41.00
7mm-08 Rem Winchester Once fired reloading cartridge cases (100 Ct. bags )
Once Fired Brass 7mm-08 Winchester
on sale

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